Maya Film Production Company Profile

Maya is a boutique media and communications agency based in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Maya works developing integrated media campaigns that include producing television, radio, and corporate communications, creating print communications (newspaper, billboard, brochure, and logos), constructing media schedules, media buying and media monitoring.

Maya has a strong record of accomplishment in creating and producing films in a timely and professional manner. Our principals have extensive training and professional experience in film, and the company has invested deeply in high-end video and sound equipment. In addition to Maya’s well-trained permanent staff, the company has a number of specialized freelancers on call who are brought on board for projects as needed. Among others, this list includes animators, illustrators, translators, writers, production designers, costume designers, and more.

Maya understands that each project is unique and needs a tailor-made approach. Hence, it is company policy to focus all available resources on a select client list and service them fully, rather than do one-off jobs for short-term clients. Maya emphasizes a highly collaborative process with our clients, enabling us to fully familiarize ourselves with the needs of each client and create unified campaigns that make full use of all available mediums.

In working for our clients we find that an early involvement in all aspects of planning and implementation makes for the strongest and effective campaigns. Maya usually meets with clients well in advance of our projects to best understand our client’s needs and desired outcomes. Based on the outcome of our own research and meeting again with clients, we design either fully integrated media campaigns that use a variety of platforms to communicate the set message or tailor our productions to best ensure client needs are met.

Maya Productions has successfully designed and implemented media campaigns and commercials for clients such as Eliana Grand Hotel, Etete Dairy and others. Under our own in-house production arm we we have produced and released the fiction feature Si Le Fikir (About Love), 2007, the short film Adoption, 2008, and the 2009 documentary Green Ethiopia. We have just successfully launched on the festival circuit our latest feature film Min Alesh, produced, directed, and written by our company principal Ms. Amleset Muchie.  

Movie And Documentary

Making feature movies and documentaries


Participating in Brand advertising

Video Music

Taking part in Video Music


Selling Movie Scripts


  • Producing documentary and fiction films
  • Producing television, radio and corporate communications
  • Creating media strategies
  • Monitoring media placements
  • Negotiating with media owners
  • Designing posters and brochures
  • Designing billboards and billboard stands
  • Developing corporate branding
  • Producing branded t-shirts, hats, pens, banners, and stickers
  • Creating logos
  • Monitoring and supervising printing presses
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